Posted by on April 7, 2016

Get Your Products On QVC, HSN or Evine, TV Shopping

Ever dream of having your brand on QVC, HSN or Evine?  Do you love TV Shopping as much as the next person?  Think your brand has what it takes to be successful? Let take a closer look at what your brand or company needs to possess in order to even be considered by a TV Shopping network.

What is your product’s unique point of difference than any other brand on the network?  You have to clearly and simply be able to state this and show those differences.

Do you have compelling “Before and After” images or a compelling product demonstration? The proof is in the pudding!  Your product has to easy to use, simple to demonstrate and create a compelling reason for the customer to by.

Who is the brand spokesperson and what is his/her story?  Being on-air allows you to tell a story and consumers love a good story!  Is your spokesperson relatable, aspirational or motivational? Does he or she exude confidence and conviction? Many on-air guests spend lots of time and money learning these skills so invest wisely.

What problem is your product solving and why? People don’t “need” any more products, however, if you are solving a problem, people will always buy.  Customers want products that make their lives easier, make them feel more confident or solve a problem. What problem is your product solving and how is your product better at solving that particular problem than anything else in the market?

These are just a few of the qualities your products or company needs to have in order to be successful or gain the attention of one of the most powerful advertising machines you will ever know!

Think you have a product that is a perfect fit for a TV Shopping channel?  Feel free to email Sinead Norenius-Raniere for a 30-minute consultation:  (And no, it does not have to be a beauty product!  Sinead and The Pienza Collective team have brought all sorts of products to the networks.  It just needs to be unique, solve a problem and a cool story!)



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