Planning your brand’s ultimate exit strategy should be done early on in the life-cycle. Every brand owner I’ve met, and there have been 1000’s, tell me “I never want to sell my business”, however in reality, 99% of them ultimately do. That’s because after an exhausting 10-15 years building a brand, a brand owner ultimately wants a legacy, and the satisfaction of knowing their brand will live on indefinitely, not to mention a well-deserved vacation or two. Time is money, so knowing who you ultimately want to sell your company to will help you streamline communication and networking, ignoring people and paths that will only waste time. In most scenarios, exit partners include ‘Strategics’ and ‘Private Equity’ and many times the best performing brands are involved with both at different stages. We can help you set your strategy and know your exit options early so you can build not only your sales, but also your long-term path to prosperity.