Think of us as your outsourced EVP of Sales and your marketing arm. We love beauty and lifestyle brands. We take on your brand as if it were our own. We nurture it, we give it structure, we make sure it’s polished and ready to go and then we send it off to play with the big boys.
We can cut through the retailer vetting process and get to the RIGHT decision makers in time for planogram planning. We streamline the inevitable “test phase” and get to a full roll out. Bringing brands to life is what we do.
But we don’t stop there as “selling in” is one thing and “selling through” is another. We deploy the necessary sales teams and brand ambassadors to support in-store sales along with conducting education trainings to ensure successful product positioning and it’s unique selling point.
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Jani Friedman

Sinead Norenius

Jill Dunk

Doesn't Your Brand Deserve
To Play With The Big Boys?
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